Monday, October 15, 2012

Lightning Strikes 3 Times... In Very Different Places

So as some of you know, since Matthew and I first started dating, we have played on the same intramural kickball team, the Lightning Dogs. Laugh if you will, but it takes skill, creativity and most importantly an awesome sense of style. This was our third season as the Lightning Dogs took the field this fall to try to redeem ourselves from the demoralizing loss in last spring's tournament. Our first year playing, we made it to the quarter final found. Our second year playing, we made it to the semi final round. So, naturally, we were expecting to be in the final round this year as tradition predicted. We had a lot of fun doing dress up days throughout the season, including plaid day, crayon day, (which turned into volt yellow day when we all wore the same color "crayon" outfit), beach party day, and blackout days. So, to sum up, we won the intramural championship and ended the streak of finishing spot one higher than before, jumping right to the front! Special shoutouts go to our devout fans who watched in the rain-Brad Wilson, Liz's dad, Parker Mangum, brother and brother-in-law of several team members, and Karen and Michael Mangum, parents of two key participants.

Although the season ended successfully, it did come with a price. My foot. 

Always good to celebrate with this kickballer!

And now, for your entertainment, the video of the rushing of the field. Enjoy and be inspired! Love to all the dogs out there reading this, ch ch ch RUFF!


  1. I'm grateful to have been a part of the victory. And by "a part" I mean "a spectator", with an iPhone.

  2. hahahaha still don't know why "Beatles Day" didn't catch on.